Online Programs for Dental Assisting School

Dental assistants are an invaluable part of any dental care team. Most clinical dental assistant training programs can be completed in a year or less, not including the time spent in an internship or similar position to gain experience in the field, or the two years of work experience required to obtain certification. Distance learning has been a great option for dental care education for many years, and it's now more efficient than ever. The main topics of the course include dental anatomy and embryology, dental care radiology, dental office procedures, and education and nutrition on oral hygiene.

The administrative dental assistant certification program offered by Rutgers University in New Brunswick prepares graduates to seek initial employment and meet all the requirements of an administrative assistant in a dental office. The courses in this program include courses on dental management; coding of radiology services; dental radiology; dental cements and printing materials; patient information and evaluation; foundations of clinical dentistry; principles of clinical dentistry; dental anatomy and physiology; oral health and prevention of dental diseases. The university also offers an Alternative Dental Assistance Program (ADAP) for professionals currently working in this field with more than 3500 hours of work experience and a CPR certification. Among the more than 300 programs and courses are two dental assistant certification programs in clinical care and administrative assistance.

In collaboration with Education to Go, the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Georgia offers an online, self-paced dental assistant certification program that students can start at any time of the year. To earn an online dental assistant certificate from the renowned Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis dental school, students must complete a total of 31 credit hours of instruction over the course of two full-time semesters. Earning an online dental assistant certificate prepares students for entry-level work in one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. The eight sections of the course cover business communication skills, records management, dental insurance processing, office equipment and inventory, and other essential introductory knowledge for dental industry professionals.

As mentioned before, you need to earn your online dental assistant diploma, certificate, or degree from an accredited program to accelerate your path to CDA certification. In addition, they receive basic education on the concepts of biomedical science, including the concepts of disease and nutrition; dental science, dental materials, and dental radiology; and the ethical and legal considerations of dental practice. All credits earned with this certificate can be applied to associate degrees in disciplines such as related dental services or dental hygiene. Nowadays there are several accredited online programs available for those interested in becoming a certified clinical or administrative dental assistant. These programs provide students with comprehensive knowledge on all aspects related to dentistry, from helping with treatment procedures to administrative tasks.

With these programs you can become a certified professional in no time.

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