How to Get Admitted to a Dental Assistance Program

Are you interested in becoming a dental assistant? Lamar State College Orange offers a Dental Assistance Certification Program that can help you get started. The program is competency-based and teaches the skills, knowledge, and professionalism needed to be successful in the field of dental care. To be considered for admission, you must complete the admission procedure. The program begins only in the fall semester and acceptance is based on a competitive process.

Thirty-six applicants will be selected from the pool of candidates according to a points system. Acceptance letters will be sent by email before the first week of July. Alternates will be notified as soon as possible if a vacancy occurs during the month of July. Those who are not accepted can resubmit their application next fall.

Once accepted into the program, students must attend a mandatory departmental orientation and complete all clinical center requirements. The courses offered include DNTA 1245 - Preventive Dentistry, DNTA 1353 - Requests for Dental Care, DNTA 1241 - Dental Laboratory Procedures, DNTA 1251 - Dental Office Management, DNTA 1249 - Dental Radiology Techniques, DNTA 1305 - Dental Radiology, and DNTA 1401 - Dental Materials. Completing these courses does not guarantee acceptance to the program. However, graduates may be eligible to take the National Board of Dental Assistance exam to become certified dental assistants.

The program prepares students to assist dentists in providing dental treatment and to function as integral members of the dental team, performing related in-office and laboratory procedures. Population growth and greater retention of natural teeth are expected to drive demand for dental services, thus creating opportunities for dental assistants. If you are interested in becoming a dental assistant, Lamar State College Orange's Dental Assistance Certification Program is an excellent way to get started.

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