Is Dental Assistance Fun? An Expert's Perspective

Are you considering a career as a dental assistant? It's a great choice for those who are passionate about teeth and enjoy working with people. But is it really fun? The answer depends on the individual, but most dental assistants find the job to be more interesting than they expected. From root canals to extractions and fillings, dental assistants are fascinated by the procedures they help their dentists with. They want to learn everything they can about these procedures, as well as about new techniques and technologies that increase their clinical skills for themselves and for patients. Dental assistants are dedicated to many aspects of patient care.

If you become a dental assistant, you'll likely work with patients in a dental office. In addition, you're likely responsible for performing laboratory tasks and helping dentists. Many dental hygienists begin their careers as dental assistants, as this position is often considered entry-level. Like an internship, an internship offers practical training under supervision in a dental assistant environment. Dental care has proven to be the ideal profession because of its unique combination of interpersonal, administrative and clinical skills.

Maintaining and treating this generation alone is likely to increase demand for dental assistants. They enjoy alleviating patients' dental fears, educating them about oral health, and helping the dentist with treatments. While some states and employers require dental assistants to be licensed, others simply require completing a dental assistant program. Because dental assistants work closely with people, juggle multiple important tasks, and help with dental procedures, employers can look for certain attributes in candidates. When a dental assistant comes to the office in the morning, they may be responsible for tasks such as filing, scheduling appointments, and a confirmation call.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) noted that demand for preventive dental services is likely to continue to increase and that dentists will need to hire more assistants to keep up to date. Allied Health's training to become a dental assistant doesn't require as much time as the education and training needed to become a dentist. If you decide to take a different direction after a few years of work, you'll be in a great position to become an office manager or dental care instructor. Dental assistants have a variety of work environments to choose from, including specialized dental offices, insurance companies, laboratories and dental supply companies. So is being a dental assistant fun? It can be! It all depends on your individual interests and preferences. If you're passionate about teeth or love working with people, it could be an excellent professional option for you.

But if you prefer to spend the day in front of a computer, it's probably not the best choice.

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