What Equipment Will I Need to Use as a Dental Assistant?

Are you considering a career as a dental assistant? If so, you'll need to learn how to use the tools and equipment that are essential for providing quality oral care. From suction hoses to dental lasers, there are many pieces of equipment that dental assistants must be familiar with. The most commonly used tools include the suction hose, the high-volume evacuator and the air-water syringe. Dental assistants use the suction hose (also known as a saliva ejector or a saliva suction device) to help keep the patient's mouth clean and dry.

The tube is connected to a suction device, which allows the dental assistant to use the saliva ejector to remove saliva from the mouth. Dentists are trained in the use of dental X-ray machines. Panoramic X-ray machines take images of the patient's entire mouth at once, while intraoral machines can provide images of a single tooth. Dental lasers can be used to whiten teeth or, in some cases, in place of drills.

Oral surgery may require the use of a surgical magnifying glass or microscope. Dentists also learn how to use an autoclave to sterilize their instruments. Some other tools you'll learn about include dental burners, which help eliminate scratches by restoring teeth. Dental assistants also use periodontal curettes and scrapers to remove tartar from teeth.

Dental tweezers remove teeth and dental lifters lift teeth in preparation for extraction. You'll get a solid foundation on how to use these tools at MCC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the most basic tools for dental assistants that you'll learn to use at Milwaukee Career College are dental mirrors. For those who are passionate about helping others and practicing oral hygiene techniques, a career as a dental assistant could be the right path. One option is to earn your dental assistant diploma, which teaches the basic skills needed to be a dental assistant in just eight months.

Depending on state requirements, the dental assistant may need to take a certification exam offered by the National Board of Dental Assistance. After completing the program of their choice, students may need to obtain a license or certification from the state to qualify as practicing dental assistants. During dental schools and nursing homes, dentists learn to use the tools and equipment needed to care for patients. Dental assistants also perform administrative tasks to ensure that the office is running smoothly and properly organized. The dental assistant usually uses the air button when trying to keep the field of view clear for the dentist. The Porter and Chester Institute in Connecticut and Massachusetts offers an excellent dental assistance program.

This program can prepare you to enter this exciting field in as little as nine months. You'll also learn about the variety of dental excavators, including bucket excavators, enameled axes, and dental axes. Dental assistants often use the high-volume evacuator during oral surgery, root canals, and fillings. Dental assistants work closely with dentists to provide oral care and support to patients while they undergo certain dental exams and procedures. The dental assistant will use the water button when it is necessary to rinse the area of the jaw that is being worked on.

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